ELTA has a wealth of expertise in the design, production and maintenance of cutting-edge electronic equipment for hostile environments…


To complete the range and further boost the performance of our available ELT systems, ELTA also supplies a line of accessories.

  • Cockpit Remote Control Panel
  • Antennas
  • Testing and programming tools
  • Installation kits and STCs with our partner EAD AEROSPACE.


Cockpit remote control panel (airline and basic version)

The ELTA remote control panel is to be connected to an automatic ELT from the A06 range or the ADT 406 range.
This equipment is installed in the cockpit and enables the pilot to activate and control the ELT remotely.
The RCP is a stand-alone item of equipment, 100% aeronautical quality.


These three-frequency external antennas are necessary to use automatic fixed and automatic portable ELT's in an appropriate way.

Test bench and encoder

ELTA maintenance tools will enable customers to maintain its ELT's with appropriate equipment. Training sessions can also be provided to use it according to ELTA' s recommendations.