ELTA focuses on the ground segment of Earth observation, navigation and telecommunications markets…


ELTA specializes in supplying products for harsh environments and thus provides a range of reliable and high-performance products, in compliance with aeronautical standards in force, and in accordance with customer specifications for more specific projects.


The ELTA Space Business Unit focuses on the ground segment of Earth observation, navigation and telecommunications markets, with one goal: providing our customers with reliable, available, high-performance, competitive solutions.

The Space Business Unit provides solutions in two levels:

  • "Systems" solutions, in the form of ground stations, EGSE and balloon systems, (platform gondola and associated ground station),
  • Electronic equipment, mainly Radiofrequency, Microwave Frequency and Signal Processing (frequency inverters, tracking and telemetry receivers, ultra-high-speed modulators and demodulators, digitizers and broadband recorders, satellite link and constellation simulators, switch matrices).

Thanks to its highly skilled workforce, ELTA covers the entire value chain as required by its customers:

  • Research,
  • Development,
  • Industrialization,
  • Production,
  • Through-life support.


ELTA offers its customers:

  • Off-the-shelf products, (based on R&D and product policies, with self-funded development),
  • Developments to customers' specifications and R&T studies.

ELTA's workforce provides:

  • Over 30 years’ preciously preserved experience and maintained know-how,
  • Sustainability of products,
  • High upgradeability
  • Competitive ranges,
  • Turnkey solutions, from research right up to through-life support,
  • Systems principally based on "off-the-shelf" ELTA equipment. ELTA can thus guarantee an excellent level of service, competence and competitiveness to its customers.


The Space Business Unit provides solutions in four product lines:

  • "RF/HYPER equipment": frequency transpositions (BUC, BDC, TLT), matrices, etc.
  • "Digital Systems for Communications": ultra-high-speed modulators and demodulators, tracking receivers, digitizers and broadband recorders, propagation channel emulators, constellation simulators, etc.
  • "Ground Systems & Stations": TT&C, EGSE and image telemetry ground stations,
  • Balloons and terminals: fail-safe platform for stratospheric balloons and Argos, Iridium and Inmarsat terminals.

Each line is responsible for projects, products, maintenance and after-sales service of products that fall under their responsibility. Understanding of common goals, the integration of a dedicated "market" strategy for each line, strong relationships with business and marketing make this organization a real asset for ELTA in order to guarantee our customers maximum satisfaction.


The Space Business Unit draws upon technical expertise gained over many years in Radio Frequency, Microwave Frequency and Signal Processing.

ELTA also has the following resources at its disposal:

  • An Electronic and Mechanical Design office,
  • A wiring unit,
  • A clean room for component bonding,
  • Analog and digital measurement equipment,
  • Simulation and development software.


The Space Business Unit maintains its level of expertise and differentiation thanks to a significant and ongoing investment in R&D in its four product lines. Recently, the Space Business Unit has invested heavily in its new platform, the "SPACELINK SYSTEM", a powerful next generation digital signal processing card which allows it to cover a great number of applications, such as:

  • Multi-modulation and demodulation for multi-mission applications,
  • Bit and frame synchronization,
  • Coding, decoding,
  • Acquisition and processing of data,
  • BER measurement and simulation of TM (data, sound, Doppler, fading, absolute time, harmonics),
  • Mono-pulse tracking receiver (TR model)
  • Propagation channel emulator,
  • Telemetry receiver (dual channel), pre-and post-detection / mixer, telecommand-telemetry-distance measurement.