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ELT Coding

How to decode the official Cospas-Sarsat 15 HEX Code identification ?

This link will help you retrieving the detailed fields of the identification.
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Is coding included in the price of my ELT ?

Yes, ELTA encodes all ELT prior to shipment against the receipt of appropriate coding form.

How do I recode my ELT ?

ELT can be recoded:

Nota : For ELT A06V2, both ELT P/N 95N6088 and bracket/prog box P/N 95N6089 must be returned to ELTA/service center as the coding is stored in the bracket/prog box.

Who is responsible for the final ELT registration ?

The operator must register each ELT to its local authority.

You will find hereafter the Cospas Sarsat to get your local authority contact
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How to encode my ELT ?

Authorised coding methods (protocols) are managed by your local authority. Please contact them.
Definition of coding methods can be found on Cospas-Sarsat website.

Encode ELT : -

When the local authority does not require a specific protocol, we recommend the aircraft registration protocol or 24 bit-address.

In which country should I register my ELT ?

The country code of the ELT should always reflect the country in which the final operator is based.
For instance, the ELT on an aircraft operated by an airline in Italy, leased from a US company, that has the aircraft registered in Ireland, should have the country code of Italy.