ELTA has developed a fully automatic multi-mission ground station for receiving and operating Earth observation satellites.

This station is available in two configurations:

  • X-Band receiving station (TMX 340 or TMX540) designed to receive data from LEO satellites
  • Dual-band S/X-Band station which, along with receiving X-Band data, carries out TT&C for LEO satellite operations (mini and micro satellites).

The station consists of a satellite dish (3.4m or 5.4m), an X-band source (CASSEGRAIN), an S-band source, an XY positioner (for overcoming the coverage problems on other AzEl systems) and equipment necessary for receiving and transmitting data (including a GPS receiver for location and time synchronization of the station). The equipment is integrated into a rack and is completely controllable via a station-supervising PC.

The supervision involves controlling and monitoring the entire station: configuration of equipment, automatic testing of system performance, event recording, antenna positions and information related to tracking during a pass. This supervision ensures automatic recovery of orbitography information (from a server or from websites containing NORAD 2-line elements), controlling and organizing the timetable of satellite passes (application of defined priorities, calculating pointing data for the Program Track mode.)

The received data can be stored on an ELTA ingestion system (ECL or Gbit interface) or distributed to a third recording system.

The station can be operated manually via a user-friendly man-machine interface or in fully automatic mode, with the possibility of remote monitoring and maintenance.

The station is based on equipment designed and produced by ELTA, which allows for complete control of all components.

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