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ELT Maintenance

How to perform a self test ?

A monthly self test is ELTA. Please refer to the appropriate user hand book

What is the normal interval between two battery servicing ?

Under normal operating conditions described in user manual of each ELT,
batteries must be replaced :
i. every three years for A06 / S06 ELT Range
ii. every five years for ADT ELT Range

Where are ELTA service centers based?

ELTA has a worldwide service centers network, which will be able to perform the recoding and the change of batteries of your equipment.

>Service centers

What are the scheduled maintenance for ELTA Elt’s?

The maintenance has to be scheduled every 3 or 5 years (depends on the ELT) and corresponds to the battery replacement (battery servicing).

Battery servicing also contents the replacement of all the gaskets (part of the battery servicing kit).

If during visual inspection some parts are broken or damaged it should be replaced. In that case, please contact us.

What are the recommended maintenance operations ?

Batteries have to be changed every 3/5 years according to ELT type. See details in the product datasheet.

How do I change the batteries of my ELT ?

Batteries must be replaced by:

  • ELTA
  • Or ELTA service centers
  • Or by any operator using ELTA test bench following CMM instructions, and after following a specific training in order to incorporate this task in the PART145/FAR145 capability list.. In this case, ELTA provides appropriate battery kits,. > data sheet STB

What is the latest revision of CMM/USER handbook ?

All updated CMM will be soon downloaded on our website. In the meantime, you can contact us to get this information.

All user's handbooks are available in "Documentation".