Switch Matrix


Switch matrix

ELTA develops and manufactures a wide range of switching and mixing matrices ("splitter" or "combiner" matrices), modular or compact, with capacities of up to 128 inputs * 128 outputs (thanks to several airframes).

These switch matrices can switch different signal types (IF, RF, Microwave)
IThese matrices preserve the integrity of passing signals: gain, noise, and compression.
They also guarantee insulation of channels up to high levels (e.g. 90dB at 70MHz)
This kind of equipment has to be very reliable (a single point of failure in a system), ELTA thus develops fail-safe equipment.


  • 70/140/720MHz
  • 30 to 1000MHz


  • L-Band: 950 to 2150MHz
  • S-Band: 2 to 2.4GHz

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