ELTA focuses on the ground segment of Earth observation, navigation and telecommunications markets…

Tracking Receivers

For over 20 years, ELTA has been a major player in the supply chain for tracking and related products:

  • Tracking Receivers:
    • TR70: Monopulse Tracking Receiver
    • TRD720: Monoscan Tracking Receiver
    • STR XX: Step Track Receiver
  • Frequency Converters for Tracking Receivers:
    • DTC- : A wide range of converters (in L, S, C, X, Ka and Ku bands) specially designed for monoscan and monopulse tracking receivers


These frequency converters are part of the tracking chain, thus ELTA has expertise in the entire tracking system.

TRD 720: Monoscan Tracking Receiver

Main features

  • Configuration possible in coherent or non-coherent mode
  • A single frequency transposition is necessary for the tracking receiver
  • The circular polarization source delivers 3 signals: Σ, ΔX, ΔY
  • The equipment provides digital or analogue pointing instructions to the ACU
  • An additional modulator that transforms the 3 output signals into a modulated signal can be supplied separately or integrated into an ELTA frequency converter

TR 70: Monopulse Tracking Receiver

Our models are designed to be compatible with different source models:

  • 2 channels or 3 channels
  • Circular or linear polarization
  • No multiplexing (no deterioration in signal noise ratio)
  • Local or distance adjustment in order to be tolerant of phase error variations
  • Capability of regulating phase and amplitude variations between each channel
  • Auto-calibration function (optional): this function permits long term stability of differential phase and amplitude between each channel – this option is only possible with ELTA DTCs
  • Auto-phasing function (optional): this function permits alignment in terms of monopulse pursuit phase

The different TR 70 models are:

  • 2 signal delivered source: Σ, Δ (ρ, θ) -> TR70B
    Cost effective because only 2 channels are used
  • 3 signal delivered source: ρ, θ, 1 cross-Polar -> TR70D
    The cross-Polar signal permits piloting from the source position
  • 3 signal source: Σ1, Σ2, Δ -> TR70E
    • Tracking is possible in right hand circular polarization (RHCP) or left hand circular polarization (LHCP)
    • Auto-diversity function: the best channel (RHCP or LHCP) is selected (manually or automatically) for carrying
  • 3 signal source: (Σ, Δ X, Δ Y ) -> TR70F


ELTA is a world leader in the field of High Performance ELT Receivers. This tracking equipment permits, in combination with the Antenna Control Unit, the tracking of all known civil and military satellites.