Wireless Connectivity and Equipment


Wireless Connectivity and Equipment

A recognized expert in its field, ELTA has now decided to focus on its own wireless connectivity products.

With its expertise in radio frequency, digital signal processing (DSP), in the design and manufacture of onboard software and electronic equipment, ELTA has chosen to focus on onboard connectivity and on wireless connectivity in particular.

Major projects such as a system which combines wireless communication systems to enable their application onboard airplanes have recently been conducted to expand the offer for telecommunications onboard aircraft (GSM/Internet) and propose an innovative service to customers and end users.

With this experience, ELTA has enriched its knowledge in terms of aeronautical standards (DO178, DO254, DO160), in data acquisition and processing (expertise in ARINC standards and protocols (429, 600), Ethernet (SNMP), RS) as well as its expertise in manufacturers' specifications.

ELTA is able to offer custom developments in DAL, for all types of applications related, amongst others, to monitoring, failure diagnosis (mechanical, electrical), as well as information security.

Support for onboard electronics is provided internationally by ELTA.

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